Reputation is our capital, family is our motivation

Through all our successful investments and ventures since 1938, taking care of our people has been, and always will be, the jewel in our crown.

Corporate Profile

O H N M is a holding company with a global vision founded on strong family values. We’re proud of our long, commercial history and we’re excited about our future which looks brighter and bigger with each successful venture. Having established ourselves in manufacturing, real estate and commerce across the UAE, KSA and the UK, we continue to feed our desire to grow so that we can serve our stakeholders forever. 

Our Companies


Pushing the frontier of FMCG

Tayseer is on route to being one of the leading FMCG distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are accomplishing this goal at a fast pace because we place a lot of value on building long-term partnerships and mutually-beneficial relationships.

Al Sahb

Real Estate

Al Sahb is a real estate company which involves the ownership of land and properties. The family has huge aspirations and ambitions for Al Sahb as the market continues to grow and develop across the GCC and further afield.


Currently, we enjoy being active and established in two sectors – FMCG and Real Estate. We find ourselves at the forefront of these industries, bringing innovation and introducing new products.